L'Amante Hot Pepper Paste from IASA

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Hot Pepper Paste - 100% Italian Peperocino

Don't be fooled by the size of this tube, the hot pepper paste inside delivers big, piccante flavor with just a squeeze. IASA (makers of the cult kitchen staple, Hot Pepper in Olive Oil)—craft this devilish condiment from a Campanian pepper varietal named Amando, commonly called “Amante” (meaning “lover” in Italian) by locals.

Brilliant crimson peppers are mashed to a coarse paste, mixed with olive oil and salt, and left to macerate for months to develop layers of complex flavor. The macerated peppers are then blended into a fine, smooth texture akin to tomato paste.

This hot pepper paste is full of flavor and has a round heat that envelopes your mouth and lingers on your palate. The convenient tube makes it easy to add spiciness to a dish with just a squeeze. Use it straight from the tube in dressings and sauces for a dose of fresh, chile heat. 


  • Blend into homemade mayonnaise.
  • Stir into pasta sauce like puttanesca.
  • Spice up a bloody mary.
  • Add to the cooking liquid for shellfish
  • 55g tube 

Ingredients: hot peppers, olive oil, salt

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L'Amante Hot Pepper Paste from IASA

L'Amante Hot Pepper Paste from IASA

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