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Bronte Dolci Pesto di Pistachio


Bronte Dolci Pistachio pesto is made with 55% selected pistachio, and is prepared in the traditional way in our pastry laboratory.

Selected quality extra virgin olive oil is combined with pistachio in a preparation that you will never tire of savoring. Oil, pistachio, salt and pepper: simple, quality ingredients that manage to give a special touch to a pesto that will excite you!!!

Usage tips:

Fantastic sauce for pasta and bruschetta. But it is also surprising with fish and meat fillets and as a complement to important second courses.

With our pesto, made with 55% natural pistachio, you can indulge yourself with hundreds of recipes.
We point out here the simplest one, namely the Brontedolci pistachio pesto Pennette


The Green Pistachio of Bronte DOP

The Bronte pistachio grows in a Mediterranean climate, under the Sicilian sun, on trees that have their roots in a unique territory: that of the Etna volcano. For this reason, the European Union has recognized it with the DOP mark, certifying the link between the Bronte green pistachio and the production and processing area. The DOP brand is supported by the Protection Consortium, specifically set up to enhance the product, inform consumers and encourage technological innovation, in order to improve the quality of the productions, respecting the territory.


Penne Pistachio for 4
Penne 1 lb
Brontedolci Pesto 190 g;
Pistachio grains to taste;
Salt to taste
Put a saucepan on the fire with water and bring to a boil.
Let's cook the pasta for the cooking time indicated on the package.
Drain the pasta when it is almost cooked, or al dente.
Then pour the pasta back into the pot, put it on the fire, add the pesto and mix well for about 30 seconds, seasoning all the pasta.
For those who wish, it can also be seasoned together with the pesto with a little ricotta, which manages to give the dish more creaminess and taste.
Lastly, plate and serve with a little pistachio grain.

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The Green Pistachio of Bronte DOP

Pesto di Pistachio - Brontedolci

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