Italian Mortadella with Pistachio

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Mortadella with Pistachio- Imported from Italy

4 KG / 8.8 lbs Piece

Levoni has been producing mortadella for more than 100 years. Their signature recipe calls for fine cuts of pork (aged a minimum of 9 months) and the finest ingredients. Silky and rich, the gold standard of mortadellas is lovely as part of an antipasti platter, or layered into gourmet sandwiches.

The classic Mortadella was first created around 1376 in the Monasteries near the Italian city of Bologna; Levoni Mortadella is produced in the original, authentic manner. Delicate accents from selected spices (salt, white pepper, peppercorns, anise, coriander, anise) & pistachio are gently blended into the meat & roasted in this unhurried process. The unique flavor of Levoni Mortadella is enhanced through slow roasting in traditional brick ovens
REGIONWeight- approx 9 lb



Personally I like it sliced thin and just roll it up and eat it, or stack on Italian bread - either way it is delicious. Also works as a great appetizer cubed and served with cheese.

No refrigeration needed during shipping, refrigerate upon arrival. Ships ground

It is customary to accompany Mortadella with a glass of Lambrusco while the more daring could try it with an artisan chestnut-flavored Italian beer, where the chestnut flavor conveys a slight mineral earthiness to the smooth.
Mortadella with pistachio, Imported from Italy

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Large Mortadella with pistachio

Italian Mortadella with Pistachio

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