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Pepperoni & Italian Sausage Bread


Serves 6-8
Pre heat oven to 350

1 lb. Fresh Pizza dough at room temp- thaw day ahead if frozen

¾ lb. Hot Italian Sausage, casing removed and cooked-crumbled

2 hard-boiled eggs chopped fine

8 oz. or more of shredded Scamorza or mozzarella

3 Tbls. Grated Romano Pecorino

½ cup chopped vinegar peppers

½ cup diced Fortuna’s Pepperoni – finely chopped in food processor

Approx. 1 cup of Pasta sauce,  for dipping

  • In flat baking pan lightly grease the bottom with olive oil
  • Roll out pizza dough to fit the pan as if making pizza
  • Layer all ingredients starting with the sausage (reserve approx. 3 tbls of sausage for topping) along whole dough don’t forget the corners. Lastly, drizzle the Marinara sauce very lightly.
  • Roll as if you’re making a jelly roll- it is very hearty so roll gently, then either tuck the ends under the loaf or pinch closed.
  • Center in middle of baking pan and place a few slits in top to breath and top with an egg wash then sprinkle the last few tablespoons of cooked sausage on top and bake

You’ll want to eat this hot out of the oven but if your serving for guests and would like thinner, neater slices want at least 45-60 minutes (or longer if you can) until it cools some, it will cut so much better. We never can wait, I bet you can’t either!!!

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